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Automate Time Tracking

Xora's Mobile Timesheets and Mobile Jobs automate the process of tracking employee and job time, helping you cut costs, save time, reduce errors and monitor job costs.

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Record Employee Time

Eliminate paper timesheets and easily record hours spent at each job for billing and payroll.

  • Eliminate Paper Timesheets
  • Control Your Job Costs
  • Increase Employee Accountability

Eliminate Paper Timesheets

When employees clock in and out, and record their breaks on their mobile devices, there’s no need to hassle with paper timesheets or faxing. Plus, you can easily pull the employee timesheet data from Xora into your payroll system for faster processing.

Control Your Job Costs

When your employees use Mobile Jobs to record their work progress throughout the day, you’ll automatically capture the data you need to understand your job time and costs – right down to specific tasks. Use this information to set benchmarks for training purposes. Know where you stand on profitability day-to-day by monitoring expenses and addressing cost overruns before it’s too late.

Improve Accuracy, Reduce Overhead

By collecting employee and job time electronically, you’ll have reliable data for accurate paychecks, invoices, and job costing analysis. When your office staff no longer has to type handwritten timecards – or probe for specific time spent on the job – they’ll complete billing and payroll in a fraction of the time.

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