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Increase Productivity

Xora's Mobile Forms and Mobile Jobs reduce phone tag and manual paperwork for field employees, letting them focus on their jobs, and get more done.

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Increase Productivity

Eliminate paper timesheets and easily record hours spent at each job for billing and payroll.

  • Save Time with Mobile Forms
  • Send Work Orders and Updates
  • Take Care of Business in the Field

Save Time with Mobile Forms

With Xora, employees enter customer and job information directly into their mobile devices from the field, and immediately send it back to the office. No more paper forms. No more faxing. No more data entry required.

Send Work Orders and Updates

Field employees receive all their job information on their mobile devices, including any specific instructions and last-minute updates. By eliminating the need to call back and forth, Xora delivers consistency and efficiency.

Take Care of Business in the Field

Whether on the road or at a customer location, Xora equips your field employees to get the job done. They’ll use mobile devices to complete estimates, register new jobs, fill out reports and even generate invoices to save time and collect payment faster.

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