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Capture Proof of Services

Xora's GPS Location Services and Photo and electronic Signature Capture enable you to easily and quickly provide proof of service completion for billing or reimbursement.

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Have Proof

Document completed job details and GPS location with photos and customer signatures.

  • Document Exact Locations and Dates
  • Capture Photos, Signatures and Barcodes
  • Increase Employee Accountability

Document Exact Locations and Dates

Record the date and GPS location of each job, visit or delivery, as well as arrival and departure time for proof of how long your workers were on the job.

Capture Photos, Signatures and Barcodes

Employees use their mobile devices to take pictures, collect signatures or scan barcodes to verify services performed and products delivered.

Email a Comprehensive Record

Quickly and easily export and email your customers a job summary that includes date, location, time, photos and signatures, speeding job close out and improving customer satisfaction.

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