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Send Field Data to Office Systems

Xora's open architecture provides options for sharing data with back office systems from payroll and accounting to ERP and CRM. These connections mean you automate critical functions, including:

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Send Field Data to Office Systems

Save time and increase accuracy by integrating Xora with your CRM, payroll, accounting, ERP systems and more.

  • Time and job reporting
  • Payroll
  • Expense reports and reimbursements
  • Billing and collections
  • Compliance reporting

Save Time, Reduce Errors

Directly importing time and expense data into other systems saves you hours of manual data-entry work, and reduces typing errors.

Export Data in a Few Clicks

Our simple data exchange format provides a quick and easy way to export the data you need from Xora into a spreadsheet so you can import it into another system.

Create a Seamless Solution

For a more sophisticated integration, use Xora industry standard application programming interfaces (APIs) to automatically send Xora information directly into other systems to automate manual processes.

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