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Analyze Performance

Xora’s powerful Alerts & Reports turn your day-to-day operations data into powerful insights. Use alerts to take immediate actions and reports to analyze critical data, streamline operations and grow your business over time.

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Analyze Performance

Comprehensive reports help you understand how you can cut costs and streamline operations.

  • Deliver Reports to Your Inbox
  • Take Action in the Moment
  • Increase Employee Accountability

You can pull reports on key functions such as analyzing driving routes and mileage expenses, time spent at and driving between jobs and employee daily hours and overtime.

Deliver Reports to Your Inbox

Like a morning paper, you can set Xora reports to arrive in your email inbox as often as you want to see them: daily, weekly, or monthly. Need something unexpected? You can quickly run a report on demand.

Take Action in the Moment

Set up alerts to stay informed of situations needing your immediate attention – like when a job is running long or employees are reaching overtime pay levels.

Get the Full View

There’s more than one way to look at all the location, date, time, and worker data that Xora collects. Our reports allow you to understand your business from many different angles, so you can find and fix inefficiencies.

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