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Xora InVehicle Products

Organizations can improve the way they manage their fleet by reducing fuel costs and increasing driver efficiency and safety. Xora InVehicle solutions consist of either a portable wireless or hard mounted GPS device and a secure web-based management application. Maintain visibility of your fleet at all times.

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Monitor and maximize fleet performance

The Xora management application enables to see your vehicle locations and make real time decisions that deliver optimal service levels. You can generate reports to analyze your drivers routes, stops and drive time in order to improve overall productivity of your fleet and drivers.

InVehicle DL

The wireless GPS device used with Xora InVehicle DL is portable, lightweight and can withstand extreme temperatures of parked vehicles in all weather conditions. The Xora DL product is currently available on the Sprint network.

Download the Xora InVehicle DL Brochure

Customer Support and Training Services

Our support team is available to answer your questions 24×7, 365 days a year by email or phone. We have an industry leading onboarding program with personalized assistance to help ensure you’ll be up and running in days, not months. Click here to learn more.

Integrate your Data

Xora’s open architecture allows you to share Xora data with your back office systems from payroll and accounting to ERP and CRM. Our integration partners can help you integrate with common solutions like APD, QuickBooks and


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