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Xora StreetSmart

Xora StreetSmart is our flagship product and is a suite of configurable mobile apps and a Web-based management application that helps give office staff greater visibility into the field and help mobile workers get more done everyday.

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Know what’s happening in the field

Xora StreetSmart

The Xora web-based management application enables office staff to:

  • Instantly see where their employees are and where they have been
  • Dispatch daily worker orders to their employee’s mobile device
  • Immediately respond to customer questions regarding arrival times
  • Analyze driving routes, times at and between stops to optimize performance

Turn mobile devices into productivity tools

Armed with the Xora mobile app, your employees can:

  • Record their daily work and job specific hours
  • Receive their daily job assignments on their phone
  • Capture customer or job information on their phone
  • Instantly upload job information back to the office

Download the StreetSmart Brochure

Devices Supported

Xora StreetSmart is available on over 140 different types of feature and rugged phones, smart phones, and tablets.


Xora StreetSmart is offered on a monthly basis for roughly $1 a day per user.

Customer Support and Training Services

Our support team is available to answer your questions 24×7, 365 days a year by email or phone. We have an industry leading onboarding program with personalized assistance to help ensure you’ll be up and running in days, not months. Click here to learn more.

Integrate your Data

Xora’s open architecture allows you to share Xora data with your back office systems from payroll and accounting to ERP and CRM. Our integration partners can help you integrate with common solutions like APD, QuickBooks and


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