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Xora makes it easy to stay focused on customer needs – if employees are always mobile or working back at headquarters. Office employees connect with mobile employees through a web-based Management Application, giving them greater visibility and management of activities occurring in the field. The Xora Mobile App turns mobile devices into productivity tools enabling employees to record work hours, access daily assignments and collect information.

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With Smartview you are able to see into the work your mobile employees do for you each and everyday. See how Locations, Trips, Jobs, Timesheets and Forms can work collectively for optimal efficiency and savings every day.


SmartView — Locations

With SmartView, you get the ability to drill down into the map and see specifically what is happening at each stop. Review how long a mobile worker has been there, the address, what actions they are taking and the status of the mobile app. When viewing your operations, SmartView gives you the full context you need to understand what’s going on in the field.


SmartView — Trips

With SmartView you can access mileage and expense information in one click! View trip details to compare odometer, GPS and Google suggested miles. You can also view routes driven by your mobile workers and compare them with the suggested routes. Additional features include reporting details of mileage driven, the ability to integrate all data into payroll and accounting systems for reimbursements. Trip Details gives you the entire overview of the trip your mobile worker took, the route and odometer readings for every associated job.


SmartView — Jobs

SmartView provides more job dispatch and management functionality than anyone in the industry. With mobile jobs you can see the exact status of any job, provide your employee with all job instructions and your customers with all of the details of the job after it’s completed. All information is transferred to the worker’s mobile device so the worker has all of the information they need to get the job done. No more phone calls and no more paper-based assignments. As the worker completes the job, all details of their progress is automatically consolidated into a single screen and shared with a customer or integrated into a back office system.


SmartView — Timesheets

With SmartView, Xora takes Mobile Timesheets to a whole new level with the ability to integrate forms into the timesheet process so that workers will answer the questions you need, when and where you need it. There are also conditional alerts (unique to Xora) which enable you to set an alert to let you know if a worker is late to start a shift, has not arrived on the job site yet or is about to incur overtime. Finally, you can also edit timesheet information in the event a worker forgets to clock in or out during a shift. This information can be easily integrated into your existing payroll systems.


SmartView — Forms

With SmartView, mobile forms can be used either standalone or as part of a job workflow. Unique to Xora is the ability to embed URL’s into our forms that can be used to do a look-up of parts in real-time to let a customer know if your parts are in stock. Information collected in a mobile form is instantly uploaded back to the Xora web management application, in a single location where it can be easily reported on, viewed or sent – with 1 click - to your customers as proof of service to expedite payment.

Web Management Application

Xora’s Web Application can be accessed anytime and anywhere there is Internet access. It is the central place for managing your field workforce every day.


Get Visibility with GPS Location Services

See the location of every mobile worker on a Google Map. You can drill down on an individual worker to see where they have been, the route they have driven and where they are now.


Analyze and Manage Mileage Expenses

Streamline mileage expense management, meet IRS reimbursement regulations and analyze driver routes by comparing odometer readings with GPS and Google Map suggested numbers.


See the Status of Each Mobile Worker

Quickly see which employees have logged into the application, what job they are at; when they got there and how long they have been there.


Create Assignments with Mobile Jobs Dispatch

Assign and dispatch daily jobs to each of your mobile workers. And, as the day goes you can see where each worker is, monitor job progress and assign the closest worker to new job requests saving both time and fuel costs.

Email Alerts

Receive Real-Time Email Alerts

Easily set up alerts to notify management when specific actions occur. Typical alerts include: when an employee arrives at a customer location, is late showing up to a location, or about to incur overtime.


Set Up Automated Reports

Xora captures a tremendous amount of powerful data, which can be pulled on demand with detailed reports or automated and emailed to you. Typical reports include: time spent at and driving between jobs for customer billing and daily employee time for payroll.

Mobile Device App

Xora’s Mobile Device App is easily downloaded to your mobile workers phone or tablet. When your field employees start their day, they simply launch the application on their mobile devices.

Mobile Timesheets

Mobile Timesheets

Employees log in, take breaks and log out their daily time using the Mobile Timesheets application on their mobile device with Xora. This information can be pulled from Xora and integrated into your existing Payroll system.

Trips App

Trips App

Field employees can record odometer readings for the start and end of each trip, with images of the odometer for verification, including any incurred costs, which can be linked to a specific job.

Mobile Jobs

Mobile Jobs

Employees see their list of assignments for the day on their mobile device, review the job details and see the location with Google Maps. They can also create their own new jobs and receive job updates throughout the day.

Mobile Forms

Mobile Forms

Field employees can enter critical customer and job information on their mobile device with Xora’s configurable Mobile Forms. Typical forms uses include estimates, inspections, incident reports, mileage expenses and customer surveys.

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Electronic Photo and Signature Capture

With Xora, employees can capture pictures and customer signatures on their mobile device and have that information attached to the job for proof of service.

Bar Code Scanning

Bar Code Scanning

Employees can scan barcodes and have that information captured with their mobile device. Some uses including scanning employee badges and tracking the deliveries of important equipment.


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