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Xora Data Integration Services

Xora’s Web Services and open API’s enable customers to exchange data with other 3rd parties or proprietary systems. Xora customers have different integration resource options available to them to choose from based on the complexity and budget. See how Xora works with customers to help integrate the systems important to them.


Some of the most common types of systems and providers we integrate with include:

  • Payroll: ADP, Kronos and Paychex
  • Accounting: QuickBooks and Sage
  • CRM:
  • Database: Oracle

Ways to Integrate Xora

There are 3 primary ways to integrate with Xora.

  • Simple file transfer: Importing and exporting of Excel, CSV and other flat files.
  • "Pre-built Connectors": Several 3rd Party Integration Developers have created their own “pre-built connectors” for integrating with Xora. These connectors require additional configuration and often come with an upfront cost as well as a monthly recurring charge payable to the developer.
  • Xora Web Services: Xora Web Services provides a method for system-to-system communication between Xora and other products. Our web services API’s are open to developers and other partners.

Resource Options

Xora Customers have different integration resource options available to them to choose from based on the complexity and budget of the project.

  • Xora Professional Services: Our team of experts can be contracted to set up basic integration processes like file transfers. They can also be contracted to assist your developers.
  • Internal Developers: Many Xora customers have their own internal application developers. Utilizing our open API’s and Web Services Developers Guide they are able to do the integration work themselves.
  • 3rd Party Integration Developers: Depending on the project requirements our Xora Professional Services team can recommend a 3rd party developer for the project, or assist the developer of your choice.

Getting Started

There are a few basic steps to follow before starting any integration project and your Xora Sales Representative can guide you through them.

  1. Conduct a Needs Assessment
    • Review your current Xora account configuration
    • Discuss your business objectives, goals and timelines
    • Review your available resources and budget
  2. Developer Scoping and Selection
    • Based on the input above we will help you identify the appropriate resource which could include a 3rd party connector/developer, internal resources or a Xora Professional Services team member.
  3. Configuration, Testing and Implementation
    • Once a resource has been defined, the budget approved and agreement signed the actual work will begin. Your Xora Professional Services team member can be available to assist in the integration development process.

Please contact a Xora Representative who can provide you with additional information regarding Xora integration capabilities listed on this page.

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