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Partnerships Help Us Deliver on Our Promise to You

Building and delivering reliable mobile workforce management applications that are powerful yet simple to use, can be up and running in minutes and are easy to buy is harder than it looks. Xora has a proven model that reduces risk – and it involves trusted, long-term relationships with other market leaders.

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Long-term relationships with market leading wireless carriers, including AT&T, Sprint Verizon Wireless, Vodafone and Telstra make Xora solutions easy to buy.

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Partnerships with companies in related fields let Xora deliver new and valuable solutions to you.

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Become a Xora Partner

As a Xora reseller, you’ll gain access to great sales support, world-class sales and marketing information and an excellent compensation plan. If you would like to become an authorized reseller, please register here.

If you are a wireless carrier, software developer, or hardware vendor and would like to partner with Xora, please contact us at


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