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Drive Efficiency in Every Mile

As the cost of equipment, labor and fuel goes up, so does the need for making the most of your drivers and vehicles in the field. Xora provides the tools you need to increase productivity and drive efficiency in your operations and satisfaction for your customers.


There’s no room for inefficiency when margins are tight and fuel prices are on the rise. Xora helps you gain the visibility needed to drive productivity of your employees and vehicles in the field.

With Xora, you can:

  • See where your drivers are at all times on a Google Map.
  • Respond to urgent requests by quickly locating and re-routing your closest driver.
  • Capture photo and signature proof of delivery to satisfy customers and ensure payment.
  • Reduce fuel and related expenses through streamlined routing and mileage collection.
  • Increase employee productivity to complete more deliveries in a day.
  • Easily collect and keep an eye on employee time to control payroll and overtime costs.

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Get the most out of every hour and mile with Xora. Learn how by reading our customers in Transportation & Distribution solution brochure.

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