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Affordable Efficiency for the Public Sector

Government agencies and other public organizations face growing pressure to deliver higher levels of service, even as budgets shrink. Efficiency is more important than ever. With Xora, your whole operation can work more efficiently without compromising your ability to respond to citizens’ needs.

Public Sector

Beat the rising pressure public sector service agencies face to do more with less and make the most of shrinking budgets.

With Xora, you can:

  • See where your employees are at all times on a Google Map.
  • Collect job information on-site and instantly share with the home office.
  • Capture photo and signature proof of services performed and tasks completed.
  • Accurately track employee time to control payroll and overtime costs.
  • Reduce fuel and mileage expenses by analyzing and streamlining routes.
  • Increase staff accountability and productivity.

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Whether your crew is maintaining, repairing, inspecting or providing services, public sector organizations can do more every day with Xora. Learn how by reading our Public Sector solution brochure.

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