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Keep Service Levels High, Operating Costs Low

Rising labor and fuel costs are driving the need for better field service management for HVAC, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, pest control, security and other mobile service operations. Let Xora help with optimizing all the moving parts in your mobile operation.


Cut the time mobile caregivers spend on paperwork so they can spend more time helping patients or delivering needed supplies.

With Xora, you can:

  • See where your service techs are at all times on a Google Map to provide better ETAs to your customers.
  • Easily dispatch jobs to service techs phones, complete with instructions, to increase worker efficiency.
  • Capture photo and signature proof of services to speed invoicing.
  • Collect customer and job info on mobile forms instead of paper, and instantly share with the home office.
  • Accurately track employee time to control payroll and overtime costs.
  • Respond to urgent requests by finding and re-routing your closest worker on the fly.
  • Cut fuel and driving expenses through streamlined routing and mileage collection.

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Get the most out of all your resources. Keep your operation lean to stay competitive. Learn how Xora can help by reading our Field Services solution brochure.

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