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A Booster Shot for Mobile Health Care

Whether your organization provides home health care, delivers medical equipment and supplies or provides transportation services for patients and seniors, empower your employees with Xora, to increase productivity and lower costs without distracting them from their primary mission of patient care.

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Field Services

Help service techs complete more jobs faster, and dispatchers to streamline routing to save fuel and optimize operations.

With Xora, you can:

  • See where your mobile employees are at all times on a Google Map.
  • Capture proof of services provided or deliveries made for billing and reimbursement.
  • Accurately track employee time to reduce payroll and overtime costs.
  • Control fuel and mileage expenses despite rising gas prices.
  • Keep mobile employees safe while making deliveries or patient visits.
  • Reduce paperwork by capturing data on mobile forms.

Want to learn more?

Xora helps mobile health care organizations to equip their teams – in the field and the office – to be more efficient. Learn how by reading our Health Services solution brochure.

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