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Outfit your workers mobile devices with Xora and complete more jobs on time and on budget. Get the visibility you need to gain control over your job costs and make short work of managing a workforce that spends most of its time on job sites or traveling between them.


Capture workers' time spent driving, on-site and doing specific jobs for more detailed job costing information and to control payroll and overtime.

With Xora, you can:

  • Capture worker time spent on specific jobs for more accurate job cost management
  • Enable mobile workers to record shifts and breaks on their mobile devices for better control over payroll and overtime costs.
  • Speed invoicing by capturing photo and signature proof of tasks completed.
  • Easily document job incidents and accidents. Reduce fuel and mileage expenses by analyzing and streamlining routes between jobs.
  • Quickly create change orders in the field, and instantly send them back to the office.
  • Increase employee accountability.

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Understand and control job costs. Be more productive. Learn how Xora can help by reading our Construction solution brochure.

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