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Rockstar Energy Increases Productivity of Mobile Sales Managers by 33%

With nationwide distribution of its 20 Rockstar Energy Drink flavors, Vice President of National Sales Tony Guilfoyle faces the daily challenge of managing a widespread sales force. “As our company and sales force continue to grow, we needed a better way to manage our distribution network and a large number of remote employees,” says Guilfoyle.

In 2010, Rockstar Energy implemented Xora StreetSmartTM to address that need, and to “track how many miles our reps covered, how many stops, and how long they spent at each stop. In short, we needed to make sure every store on every route was visited regularly, and got what they needed. It was a customer service concern for us,” he says.

Xora StreetSmart Translates to Return on Investment for Rockstar Energy

According to Guilfoyle, the National Sales Management team is now in a better position to ensure that every sales representative covers his or her territory completely. “Before we implemented Xora StreetSmart, we had to rely on anecdotal evidence to make sure that every store that carried Rockstar Energy Drink received a visit from one of our reps on a routine basis.”

Today, however, Rockstar Energy sales representatives each carry an iPhone® with the Xora StreetSmart application. They check in on Xora to start and end their shifts, as well as start and end jobs at every location.

“We can run various Xora reports and review that data. For example, we know that John had 15 stops per day, with an average of 16 minutes per stop, and that was consistent with previous weeks. So, we know that John is covering his route, serving every customer in his territory, and spending an appropriate amount of time with each customer.”

According to Guilfoyle, implementing Xora StreetSmart has meant increasing the number of customer visits by 33%, or from about 15 daily stops to 20 per representative. “We have coordinators who review the data and manage the day to day operations. When we see that someone is spending too much time at any given stop, we can help them adjust for that and become more efficient,” he says. “More stops in the day mean greater frequency at each account, which translates into better brand presence and thus more accounts. And that means more sales,” Guilfoyle notes.

Guilfoyle goes on to say that effective management creates more effective employees. For Rockstar Energy, that means utilizing Xora StreetSmart, which has proven itself “a high value solution. What would it say about me as a manager if I didn’t measure employee effectiveness or manage customer satisfaction? Xora lets me do that, and lets me understand who’s working hard, and who needs some coaching,” says Guilfoyle.

Employee Retention Efforts Improve for Rockstar Energy

As Rockstar Energy coordinators review Xora data, they look for patterns in sales performance. Guilfoyle says, “I understand job role and responsibility, and can see each individual employee’s general efficiency. When we go over this information at performance reviews, we can help each representative understand how to improve, and that’s helping us keep our A-players on the team while helping other employees step up their sales performance.”

Looking toward the future, Guilfoyle says that Rockstar Energy is looking forward to seeing Xora StreetSmart evolve with his needs. “We’re excited about the new ways Xora will help us improve our sales team effectiveness.”

He concludes: “Xora StreetSmart is an invaluable tool, especially for those of us who manage a widespread sales force. It’s a great way to help remotely manage employees. Xora gives us the oversight we need to guide and coach our employees, ensure they’re completing their routes effectively, and help them improve their overall sales performance.”