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Molly Maid Achieves Situational Awareness & Lower Costs with Xora Solution

Molly Maid of Greater Austin has been providing residential maid services for more than 18 years. Harry Young, who owns that franchise as well as Molly Maid of Greater Albuquerque, is committed to providing flexible, customized residential cleaning with excellent customer service.

As part of that commitment to customer service, Young needed a new, innovative solution to answering customer questions while also ensuring high employee productivity. In 2009, Young says he purchased Enterprise Mobile Resource Manager (EMRM), powered by Xora, to address those goals as well as to reduce overtime and gasoline costs.

“We have a lot of vehicles to support our in-home cleaning services,” says Young. “And with in-home services come questions from customers, especially questions about when they can expect their cleaning teams to arrive at their homes.” Young states that he wanted to provide customers with those answers, but until 2009, he didn’t have a way to view where his teams were in the field.

Xora “More Than Pays for Itself” in Reduced Gasoline & Overtime Costs

The EMRM solution consists of three elements that work together to deliver a complete solution: a GPS hard-mounted tracking device; a Garmin Nuvi portable GPS navigator; and a secure web management application from Xora. With this solution, each Molly Maid fleet vehicle—approximately 80 in total for Young’s Molly Maid franchises—receives a hard-mounted Xora device that provides turn-by-turn navigation for the drivers and live vehicle tracking and reporting for managers.

“Day by day, we know where all of our teams are at all times, and we have the reports and records to follow along their daily routes. That means we’re in a better position to answer customer questions and provide the feedback they’re looking for. We also no longer have customer disputes because Xora provides the necessary records to resolve customer concerns about when teams arrived, when they left, and so on,” says Young.

Xora supports Young’s need for enhanced customer service, while also paying for itself, according to Young. “We wanted to reduce our gasoline costs, and by implementing the Xora solution, we are able to prevent the side trips and personal use of our vehicles that were driving up our costs,” Young notes. Additionally, he says, with the Enterprise Mobile Resource Manager in place, “employee productivity has risen, helping reduce overtime costs. We’re not seeing the vehicles go off route, picking children up from school, and so on. In short, Xora more than pays for itself with these cost reductions.”

Young says that, for Molly Maid of Greater Austin and of Greater Albuquerque, “we’ve become real believers in GPS location visibility, and we weren’t sure we would be. The situational awareness we’ve gained—knowing where our teams are at all times—has delivered true cost savings, both in terms of gasoline costs as well as employee overtime costs,” he concludes.