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Xora saves Geese Police about $17,000 a year by eliminating handwritten timecards alone.

An office administrator has found a way to save nearly $17,000 a year in data-input expenses for her employer, Geese Police, Inc. of Farmingdale, N.J. And, no, it wasn’t because she taught the firm’s 30 geese-herding border collies to type. Instead, Gigi* equipped the company’s 25 trained handlers with a mobile business solution called Xora.

Geese Police handlers work with the firm’s border collies to clear Canada geese from the lawns and ponds of New Jersey’s corporate campuses, private estates, public parks, cemeteries, and playing fields – without harming the geese. Given the nature of their job, the handlers are on the move constantly, traveling from one job site to another during their workdays.

Gigi selected Xora for Geese Police nearly three years ago when she wanted to replace a single-function mobile phone-based product that did just one thing: it tracked the locations of Geese Police handler/dog teams. In contrast, “Xora is an all-in-one solution,” says Gigi. “It tracks our handlers but it also eliminates a lot of manual paperwork.”

Before implementing Xora, Gigi had to deal with lost timesheets that literally “flew out the windows of the trucks” and struggled to read the busy handlers’ scrawls. She estimates that Xora saves Geese Police the equivalent of one full-time clerk whose job it was to input timesheet data. She says that Geese Police also saves money because it buys fewer reams of paper and saves on the expense of printing, filing, and storage now that manual timecards are gone. And of course, the headache of tracking down lost timesheets has disappeared along with the manual paperwork.

The Xora solution consists of a configurable mobile business app that is downloaded onto handlers Geese Police-issued Samsung mobile phones. The app lets handlers quickly and easily record the time they spend at each job site right on their mobile phones. This important information is automatically sent to Xora’s web-based management console, which Gigi can access from her computers in the office and at home or from her own smartphone when she is away from her computers.

Tracking the whereabouts of handler/dog teams is still important to Geese Police and Xora automatically collects location data for each handler in the field and displays it on Google Maps. By viewing these maps, Gigi and her fellow managers know where handlers are, where they’ve been and even how fast they’re driving in near real time.

According to Gigi, the ability to verify vehicle speed was particularly useful after a Geese Police team – and truck – was involved in a motor-vehicle collision. “The other driver claimed that our employee was speeding,” says Gigi, “but Xora showed that he actually was going about 5 miles per hour when he was hit. This helped proved that our employee was not at fault in the accident.”

Fortunately, neither animals nor humans were seriously hurt in the crash.

Another advantage of Xora is that many Geese Police clients require documentation of the service along with their invoice, and the solution can produce reports that verify service with the “press of a couple of buttons.”

Other clients hire Geese Police to work on what Gigi calls “secure properties” and want to know the precise times Geese Police handlers enter and exit a location. Geese Police automates this notification process by using the Xora geofence feature, which allows Gigi to set up an electronic fence around each secure location. Whenever a Geese Police vehicle enters or exits the property, the client is automatically informed via an automated text message. Handlers don’t have to sign in and sign out with security or stop what they are doing and phone a client.

“It’s all about accountability,” Gigi says. “With Xora, we know which truck is out with which handler and dog, and we get automated reports with access from anywhere – even the beach.”

Does Gigi work from the beach? “I haven’t tried that yet,” she admits. “But maybe someday.”

“Xora is an all-in-one solution. It tracks our handlers but it also eliminates manual paperwork.”

Gigi, Office Manager, Geese Police

*Gigi prefers to use her first name only.

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