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Sanford, Florida

Industry: Florida’s #1 heating, air conditioning and electrical company

Solution: Xora was implemented to automate the collection of worker and customer information in the field and its transfer back to managers in the home office. Del-Air’s 600 field technicians use their mobile phones to clock in and out at the beginning and end of each day. They also use Xora to record start and stop times for various projects and the status of each job. The real time data captured out in the field is sent to the Xora management application where Del-Air supervisors can easily view web-based maps and reports.

Results: In the first year, Del-Air saved more than $350,000 from automating location, time and job tracking. Reducing manual data entry saved another $30,000. Historical trend information also improved the accuracy of job costing.

Quote: “In the first year we saved more than $350,000 from implementing Xora, and that’s based only on the automated time cards capability. Add another $30,000 or so we expect to save by reducing data entry with the scheduled exports feature, and the cost of the solution more than pays for itself. ” John Rucker, CIO at Del-Air