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City of Chicago Department of Transportation

Chicago, Illinois

Industry: Public agency responsible for city street, alley, sidewalk curb and gutter construction; bridge maintenance; public way inspections; signs and pavement markings; planter and median maintenance; bicycle and pedestrian programs; and ground-transportation planning.

Solution: When 311 non-emergency calls in Chicago reached nearly 40,000 a year, the CDOT needed a more efficient way to manage its field staff. CDOT implemented Xora, allowing more than 480 CDOPT foremen and 80 consultants to use the solution to record timesheet and job status information from the field.

Results: Since deploying, CDOT has dramatically improved customer service by responding to 311 requests more quickly. For example, the number of days to respond to citizen calls to fill potholes has been reduced from 20 days to 3 days. As a result, the city has seen its liability costs for pothole-related incidents reduced from $4 million to $600,000.

Quote: “We now have a visual representation of CDOT field activities, as they happen, that simply was not possible before Xora was implemented. The combination of new procedures for field operations management and Xora has been a significant improvement in response times to 311 requests and a savings to the city of more than $3M for pothole-related incidents alone.” Brian Steele, spokesperson for the City of Chicago Department of Transportation