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AZ Department of Weights and Measures

Phoenix, Arizona

Industry: Public agency responsible for inspecting all commercial devices used to measure any item sold in the state of Arizona by weight or measure in Arizona.

Solution: Xora was implemented for the entire team of the agency’s inspectors to clock in and out of job activities performed throughout the day and enter inspection details about work performed. This enables instant, accurate records of time spent on each activity. Job forms are customized by activity type, so inspectors choose the appropriate activity when beginning a job. The process works similarly for other activity types, and ensures that job information gathered by field investigators is complete and consistent.

Results: Reducing downtime between inspections is a top concern the agency, and Xora has allowed it to use the data recorded by inspectors to fuel valuable reports about hours worked, jobs completed, and time spent between jobs. They use this information to create rolling metrics to measure improvement in each of these key areas, thereby increasing the productivity of inspectors.

Quote: “With better staff accountability for daily functions such as inspection time, travel time, and administrative time, we have improved the efficiency of our team while controlling costs and meeting our customers’ needs.” Kevin Tyne, Director, Arizona Department of Weights & Measures