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Alexander’s Abilities

Chandler, AZ

Industry: Day center and transportation services for developmentally disabled adults.

Solution: Xora and ezLaborManager were deployed together to automate the payroll process for the company’s 20 drivers. Drivers use the Xora mobile app on their phones to record when they begin and end shifts. With the Xora management application, supervisors can easily track driver locations via web-based maps. The Xora and ADP applications are seamlessly integrated, so driver timesheet data is transmitted automatically, eliminating the need for HR staff to do extract data from one system and enter to the other by hand.

Results: By automating time sheet capture, payroll is accurate and overtime costs have been reduced by $3,500 for the year. Moreover, the automated approach is saving drivers up to 15 minutes per day. And by integrating Xora with ezLaborManager, HR has eliminated 4 hours of data entry per pay period.

Quote: “Xora and ADP have helped us save time and money – and clients are benefiting as a result. Having automated manual processes and integrated time sheet and payroll systems, we are saving more than $3,500 in overtime costs, nearly 100 hours of office work, and 1,300 hours of driver time, per year. That’s exceptional!” Kari Delgado, HR Director, Alexander’s Abilities