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Over 15,000 organizations rely on Xora to save money. Every day.

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Xora is a global leader in mobile workforce management solutions. We have a history of innovation and a proven approach. We have extensive experience in a wide range of industries that depend on mobile employees. We have lasting partnerships with companies that help us deliver on our promises to you. Our integrated support organization stands ready to serve you at any time.

Cloud-Based Apps to Help you Save Money and Grow your Business

Our flagship product is Xora StreetSmartTM, which enables organizations with employees in the field to see their exact locations on a map, dispatch and manage job assignments, use mobile forms to gather data from the field, simplify the payroll process, as well as pull reports to see what enhancements need to be made to field operations. Our solutions can be integrated with back-office systems and other applications to automate business processes and eliminate manual paperwork. More than 15,000 organizations rely on Xora every day to save money and grow their businesses.

In addition, our Xora InVehicle solution helps organizations increase the productivity and efficiency of your fleet. Xora’s industry leading web management application enables better dispatch decisions, reduce fuel consumption and overtime, improve customer satisfaction and get more work done each day.

History of Innovation

Xora is a leader in software innovation in cloud-based apps. Xora was first to market with a carrier-delivered application for managing the location, time and job activities of employees in the field. Xora was also the first to offer its applications across multiple carriers and the first to expand its availability to smartphones. At each evolutionary milestone in GPS mobile enterprise technology, Xora has responded to market needs by continuing to deliver capabilities that keep our customers ahead of the curve.

Xora’s Lasting Value

Xora has and continues to deliver quantifiable value and rapid return on investment for our customers. Xora’s cloud-based model makes it easy and cost effective for organizations of all sizes to deploy and integrate Xora with their backend systems. Once implemented, Xora helps customers increase the productivity of employees in the field and in the home office; reduce fuel, mileage and labor costs, improve customer satisfaction and drive new revenue.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our integrated customer support model helps to ensure customers succeed using Xora. From free training, onboarding and account setup to self-service tools and customer webinars – we are committed to investing in our customer’s success.


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